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May 24 - 27, 2005
University of Maryland, College Park Campus

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Computational Fluid Dynamics, broadly encompassing fluid flows in engineering, atmospheric and ocean sciences, geophysics, physics and astrophysics, has itself seen calculations of fidelity performed routinely that were only imagined at the inception of this conference series. These advances have not only been made with the available horsepower of increasingly more powerful parallel computers, but in tandem with advances in implementations of core as well as entirely new algorithms, including multi-scale and adaptive methods.

Far from being a done deal however, the complexity of the logical and physical hardware continues to exert itself in the creation of algorithms that seek excellence in performance. Fluid Dynamics is sufficiently challenging that virtually all known algorithms need to be mapped to parallel architectures as our applications include more and more complex physics and elucidate even more complex phenomena.

In Parallel CFD 2005, the traditional emphases of the Parallel CFD meetings will be included - parallel algorithms, CFD applications, and experiences with contemporary architectures: parallel unstructured and block-structured solvers, parallel linear solvers for implicit fluid problems (domain decomposition, multigrid, Krylov methods) and adaptive schemes, and parallel flow visualization; unsteady flows, turbulence, complex physics, reactive flows, industrial applications, and multidisciplinary applications; developments in software tools and environments, parallel performance monitoring and evaluation of computer architectures.



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